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Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Experimenters Other Than Edison Chemical Experiments -- Miscellaneous Books

These twenty-seven notebooks were used during 1911-1920 for notes onchemical preparations and experiments pertaining to storage batteries, disc records, and other applications. The experimenters include Peter C. Christensen, W. B. Davis, F. Detlef, Jr., N. M. Elias, A. W. Henzell, F. Walter Horner, D. Juan Marley, William H. Mason, H. J. Miller, Y. Nakamigawa, Edwin N. Rosenfield, Frank S. Shapiro, Edwin Smith, Jr., Robert E. Waterman, C.G. Williamson, and Max Young. There are notes relating to various batches of chemicals and chemical reagents, including paraphenylenediamine ("para’), acetanilide, paranitroacetanilide, nitrobenzene, aniline, phenol, chioronitrobenzol, Castner soda, lacquers, shellacs, and Vaseline. Also included are experimental notes on the sulfonation of benzol, the silvering of mirrors, colloids, metallic flake, alpha-naphthol, and naphtha residue. Four notebooks with notations by Edison have been selected in whole or in part.

N-Number Labels and Inscriptions on Front Cover {additional information supplied by the editors appears in brackets]

Selected Books

14-12-16.2 vile

15-01-27 --+ [Edison item only]

16-06-06 "B Stahle"; [spine label] "029.4" [Edison item only)

17-12-10 "Castner Soda Book December 8, 1917" [Edison items only]

Books Not Selected

11-00-00.5 "Celluloid"

12-03-12 ---

14-05-06 "#5 - 1914. Analysis" 14-11-12 -—-

15-00-00.2 [spine label] "029.4" 15-01-11.2 =

45-12-14 [spine label] "029.4" 16-00-00.2 ---

16-01-06 [spine label] "029.4" 16-06-10 a

16-06-29.1 [spine label] "029.4"


47-00-00.1 17-04-03

18-07-22.2 48-07-22.1 18-11-27.2

19-07-08 19-10-09 20-06-16 20-07-27 20-08-10 20-10-04

{torn} "[ Henz]ell Labt of T.A. Edison"; [spine label] "029.4"

"Robert E Waterman. Chemical Research Lab" "F. W. Horner"

“Reports of Experiments Nov. 1918 -- Feb. 191 Nakamigawa"

"H. J. Miller" "W B Davis"

9 Y.

Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Experimenters Other Than Edison Chemical Experiments -- Miscellaneous Books Notebook N-14-12-16.2

This notebook was used during December 1914-November 1915, probably by Peter C. Christensen, for notes on chemical experiments. The entries describe various batches of chemicals, including paranitroacetanilide, nitrobenzene, aniline, acetanilide, chloronitrobenzol, and para- phenylenediamine ("para"). Some of the entries include notations by Edison. Inserted into the book is a large drawing by Edison of the production flow for “mother liquor," along with several other items bearing notations by Edison. The front cover is marked "1." The spine is labeled "Para - 1." The book contains 202 numbered pages, many of which are blank.

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