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1887. Electric Light - Edison United Manufacturing Company (D-87-38)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the business of the Edison United Manufacturing Co. This company served as the sales agent for various Edison electric light companies, including Bergmann & Co., the Edison Lamp Co., and the Edison Machine Works. Much of the correspondence is by Charles E. Chinnock, vice president of the Edison United Manufacturing Co., and relates to the sale of electric light system components isolated plants, and central stations. Some of the letters pertain to competition in the electric light industry.

Approximately 50 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following categories of documents have not been filmed: meeting announcements; routine financial documents; routine business correspondence.

replying ploaso "The Edison

The Edison United Manufacturing Company,

65 Fifth Avenue,

. July . 2nd.... .1887 .


Thomas A. Edison Esq., President., East Newark N.J.

My dear Mr. Edison: -

I am in receipt of yours of July 1st and the news therein contained is just about right. . While the mercury outside is very high and our spinal marrow is correspondingly low you can well understand why a verification of this kind on the lamp question is particularly opportune. per

If we are anxious for 15 lamps/^d^ electrical horse- =' power and requir^f bracing, I am quite sure you will agree with me that our various agents are also in need of the good news.

I trust you will not object to our sending a circular letter, em¬ bodying all contained in yours, to our representatives throughout the United States.

I hope that on your next visit to New York, if you should happen up this way, you will give us a call, as the knowledge that I have your support is particularly valuable to anyone, holding the position that I do here.

The information that you have given us, ought to prove adequate to secure every important installation, upon which we have a chance to bid and if it fails to prove a Waterloo to our enemies, I am ready and willing to take the blame.

Trusting that I may hear further from you on the subject

I remain

Very truly yours

The Edison United Manufacturing Company,


\l iiyt-IC

In replying ploase

65 Fifth Avenue,

NEW YORK, . August . ,15th.. . 188 7

Mr. T. A. Edison Newark, N. J.

.Dear Sir:. -

The .following iresolution .was adopted ;at :the meeting .of .the .Board :of Trustees held today, .viz.

" That -on .and ;after ;September, all goods supplied to .the .United Co. by the .various shops, :be furnished .a. .the iprices .now ruling.less .the .202 .allowed profit, except :in .the .case ;of .the Edison ;Maohine iworks, which is ;to .furnish the goods at cost of Manufacture .and that . in :the .event and whan the ’profits of the .United Co. paid to Bergmann & Co. and the .Edison tamp Co;, shall have exceeded that .which .would be represented by the .profit on their .proportion .of the .business .done :by :so .much .as their :loi:ses .have exceeded .their .due proportion, then .a. ire-rapportionmen't .of .the .in-' te rests :of .the irespeotive shops in the .United ;Co.shall :be .had ;on :the .basis :of .div-' .iding the .profits .and .losses :in .direct proportion .of :the ebusiness .done':.

A motion was :then :carried :that :this -iresolution lie .on the :table .until the .next meeting. :The .next meeting :of :the Board of Trustees will be held on Friday the ,19th. inst.;et :2,P-.Mi ,Your .presence .is .earnestly .requested,

j .Very Respectfully

The Edison United Manufacturing Company, ^ / /

65 F^ifth Avenue,

replying please address

"The Edison United Mfg. Co." NEW YORK, . . . 188

Edward H. Johnson, Esq,


#s 16 & 18 Broad St, City.

Dear Sir:-

I forward you communication from Gen. Huidekoper, Vice-President & General Manager of the Metropolitan Telegraph & Telephone Company, that will explain itself.

You are well aware, no doubt, that the plant they now have is based on the old lamps, and the figures given them are so low, that we stand to lose a small amount on the sale.

If you advise a further concession, please notify me, and I will act accordingly.


« " /7'ry~c>v- >2-

Office of the Vice-President and General Manager of

f.m fniLiM®^ mm fiiLiitgL^LPua (Spa.

IS Corllandt Street,

New York, . Sept. . 18th. . 1887.

Edison United Manufacturing Co.

C. E. Chinnock, Esq. Vice :Prest. 65 Fifth Ave.

Dear Sir:

I am informed that the lamps which you have furnished us require a current of 7-10ths. of an ampere and that you are making lamps of only 5-10th. of an ampere. 'As it is very important that we should have the .best lamps I beg to ask that .you will do what you can for us in this partioular.

Yours Respectfully.,

Vice Prest. & Gen. Mangr.

■y., .



The Edison United Manufacturing Co.


...Sept, loth, l.>87

m . Personal.

T. A. Edison, Esq, ,

hare Edison Lamp Go. ,

East Newark, N..J.

Dear Sir;-

When in New York on the 13th ult. you will re¬ member that in Mr. Johnson's office ] spoke to you in regard to the «f» plant to the Bates Manff*. Oo. , in which we were to use 'l lamps and 103 20 c.p. lamps; that these lamps were to :w type. You explained to me that the comparative life '. P. lamps of the new type was in the ratio


303 24 c. | be of the of the 13, 20 and 24

i order to bring the conver-

of lb, 18, and 22. j mention this . sation back to your mind.

Upon learning that these lamps were needed' b,y Sept, lbth you very kindly offered to give the matter your personal attention and see that the cutting of the caroons was commenced the following

1 was in wew York yesterday and was informed that they would be unable to supply the new lamp of these candle powers.

This sale to the Bates is a second increase from the orig- mal plant. On the first increase they were obliged to wait three’ weeks for lamps and at an interview with the agent of tne mill about the first of this month, he asked me whether we were goinw to have any delay in getting the present lamps. 1 assured him hhere would be no delay t personal attention.

Will you therefore soon' we can have these lamps, next week.

i you were going

; let r

to give the matter your

know oy return mail how ill be ready to start

Yours very truly,

Mr. Chinnock : --

The V/m. Strange plant was put in, I think, in 1881 or 1882. It was at the time when we were using 8 c.p. lamps and were working under the illusion that this lamp would give as much light as the ordinary gas burner. I think Mr. Moore was Manager of the Isolated Company at that time. The Gas Company, as soon as we started our plant, put in burners which gave about 20 c.p. illum¬ ination and made the 8 c.p. lamp look very weak. Mr. Strange dis¬ continued the .use of the pjdison light and this Conpany were en¬ deavoring to fix up a compromise w th him for a long time but failed and the plant was taken out about three years ago. I hardly think the facts of this case could have as much influence in Paterson as Schrobder seems to think.

J. Hut chins on,


The Edison United Manufacturing Company,

65 Fifth Avenue,

In replying please addross

"The Edison United Mfg. Co."

New yoRK,.....0cto be r 10, . 188.7, . 188

Thomas A. Edison, President,

The Edison United Manufacturing Co., Llewellyn park, Orange, N. J.

Dear Sir:

Your communication, criticising the United Company's inability to properly canvas thoir territory, I take the liberty bf answering direct.

Our agent for New Jersey ( Mr. Schroedor) allowed the Sawyer- Man Company to sell ten plants in Paterson, either because he was incompetent, lacked time, or the Sawyer-Man Company's agent succeed ed in convincing the purchasers that the system he represented was the best for the money. Mr. Schroeder ' s answer please find en¬ closed.

My answer is the utter impossibility for any one man unaided to properly cover a state like pew jersey. I have always thought, and do now, that the United Company should have a representative in every large city in the United States.

The plan of having an agent secure large and valuable terri¬ tory, more than he can possibly handle, and then coolly wait for the orders to come in, is a dead failuer, as a means to down the opposition.

What we want here is fewer policies and more agents, joined with a reasonable amount of ordinary, everyday common sense. When I assumed the duties of Vice President , April 1st, the Company

was behind at least Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000(. The shops 2 were assessed immediately, and it proved to me conclusively the time had not arrived to increase the pay roll to any great extent.

I tried in a feeble way to prove what could be done, by authorizing an energetic young man, engaged in the Telephone business, to can-' vas Long Island in his spare time, with the following result: 8-

In five months lie has closed nine contracts aggregating 3200 lights, in fact more than any other agent in the United Spates in the same time (outside of Messrs. Humbird & Gorton) and in the face of opposition from all sides, United States, Westingliouso, Sawyer- Man and Mather, one plant being under the shadow of the Sawyer-Man factory. I show this as a sample of what can and should be done .

If I am responsible for the vacillating policy, and plans adopted by this Company duringthe last six months, I am ready to admit myself a flat failure and told myself in readiness to step down and out with what little reputation I have loft. This hang¬ ing by a thread without proper authority or confidence, trying to smooth conflicting interests, I am heartily sick of.

While I have been with the Company forty thousand lights have been sold, almost' double for any corresponding period and at one- half loss. I have made no attempt to change any verdict the Directors may have arrived at concerning myself and ask that this be not considered an endeavor in that direction.




C2^£tC-4^ j





dL'&AJ SUkn/t <mnr$e»An/ jf- ^-i ofaw. jfiudty,

Qfr- 7** ^^4

/^G" ya&fcC a-yussnurt/r-

AAA, Qo '

AfA A^J- i/^

Atzfc* ■*-■■ y/ j


^ ^ 7l^fTrz^~~ // fiusf <fr^ -


H . Ju*uiioi,mul H. JSsscr. - - -

G- Bcnwrd,- tho energetic representative of tho Sawyer- aiaii#Conitiaiiyf lias been inn king a specialty lately of knitting mills and silk factories. Record has already been made In these columns of his success among tho knitting mills iu tho upper part Of the State. Just recently he has made a complete capture l atersan, N. J., where tho plants supplied and ordered numbo round two- dozen. Ho has lecelycd orders for an additional < llubts for the Phamix Manufacturing Company, Paterson: <; lights for tile Hnmil & Booth Manufacturing Company, 150 for

H. II. Froonmn & Co., 150 for Join. . . . for ,1,„ Crosoont

Mmmfnctnriog Cuni|iaiiy, 50 for Vroolnnd & Co. Mr UrnmnI " so . "iio. Is dOO light* ordoted tor tho lllohimlson SilK Com,, any, or Mtohlgnn. In Nmv York Htnto, Mr. Hornnrd'» lost list oom’ lirlsos 150 lights for Ainstordntn, N. Y.; 150 for Luwls Honwur,

f "T V ° n 0,,‘b"°' to,"i 100 'or Uuroy & Ihtokns

. . . UwlUi Stnllon; 100 additional for tho

Ijoy lrossCompni'y „,„1 I00 f„, tho Tioondorogn P,„»:rn„n t ?"iooh''i ,i5llt' °n,0"'""U- Vt- ordoml n

t U $8

Sl’iarfcs,' <3-. c\?0'i i I'o ri

fuifcj 9IEcmuf’achi





stem .

....188 £

CO (s^cCCcnd

t/^/Vv thrrfC- v

^ fflxAAiwp J&tu (rrezSO 3 ^c^ajU xX&i&fcX

9*jCL*~, 33a,X.<rr tfa&'U, pt<rrr * -

<tia* 3^uUaXzX ^UtxCOCv ^

AMajlJ-^^i^aj^ ^tnr- A ^ Jyo+^-p

oi~ O^rx 10 *Cyvx.c*svT«^o - try ^pyAAA/a&rtX) ~ fr>"OX£ cs’

AA.fvi£(W casi^A a\£AX*st.Gys<y> C^^Z^a^ActA) ~ ‘^uaaa ejTirr~

Jl.OCul^rO Mju


eiWr.fw a, §)Sc. i |:o i


Sllmtiijcicl'imncj Co. TH AVENUE.

3 Coil) 3j’od’i,

A^AsfvfJy <ry-AZXv _ CXa ~£o &(ju (3 %

Catia^cCzuT xsfa c£e^TJ /Cc Cisotc (>W Cf^ry -

(w^, ovaXO cpl^aajd rywu ryr^3x cjwtt-xJ ~Zc <nr^

%0 rK/koyvx. /trfju O^t^oQ^ /ts&eidXfC JU^tvUsO, 3-^yyAXX

ljU&& (vjuaa (>viaaso4j ^ ^ ^ n&

The Edison. United Manufacturing Company,




^ sS?rd- la. _ , <^Zd - - -

/s^Z-iZ-z^c r/

[i,rm ..

The Edison Unit^jyMi lecturing Company,


jr NEW York. Moves mb or . 12., . 1««7, . 188

Mr. Edison: --

I have delayed answering yours of the V tli inst in ordei' to .forward you enclosed statement of October' business. You will notice by it that we are earning at least $7,000 ,per monthf (41 plants closed, 10,400 lamp capacity as against, in 188(3, 28 plants of 4,600 lamp capacity) and that in itself should be a sufficient answer to predictions made by any one. Of course you are well awaro of the wild and awful prophecies uttered at my expense while at Pearl Street. Many of my friends holding their breath waiting for a grand and terrible collapse.

I have one man travelling in Maine and >rew Hampshire, another m Connecticut and a thrid one will start Monday morning through Hew York. A synopsis of what they report I will forward you with¬ in a day or two. I am in communication with a Mr. Shain of Chi¬ cago, employed by tlio United States Company, and I am quite cer¬ tain that he is an A 1 man in every respect. It has been reported to me that Mr. Y/arren owes all his success to this man's endeavor's Of course he is high price but if ho is the right man that will not deter my action. Mr. Griffith called on mo and I used my best on- deavors to have him cancel his engagement wi th the Springfield Gas Company but he held off, stating he could not come with us before January. I am in hopes of securing ono or two good men fro other Companies, as I believe- that men experienced, even at double the salary, are better than green men for immediate results. V/hile we are doing double the business over accomplished before at av lax-go profit, taking our October statement as a criterion, I am still of the opinion that fourntimos rate and the limit to the number governed by tho amount of money ^orders.

It has been reported to me by several outsiders that the westinghouso Company aro sweeping the V/est in the Central Station Ausness on the Cash Basis. I am satisfied that a concontx-ated eifort should be made to check this wholesale business on tho of Y/ostinghouse, if reports aro true; Kow would it do - bull by the horns" and give intending purchasers tho t ween a fac simile of the YVestinghouse converter i

and trust to tho intelligence of our agents to p:_. . . U11U

superiority of the Edison apparatus. Messrs. Eergmann & Liver have appointed a Conmit.teo to consult with myself and try and devise^some comprehensive scheme that will cause part of this bus- * . -'rt t0 this Company. I certainly would like to be in

mount (should be tho ' of plants that can be sold is expended in canvassing for the

s part ) take the the choice bet- stem and our own

possess ioa

ideas eoncerningtlii s "branch of the businosi

Mr. Stern has cor ainly done very well in Pittsburg and 1%*- consideration of this success we have concluded to increase his

am2l he iflf allx0l‘ P8n»«ylvania West of the Allegheny 3,

ant, ii he will remain true I an quite sure he will accomplish P0 od work m the field allotted him. His spe cifi cati ons are certafnly veiy complete and comprehensive and I have written him to forward'

r;r m* «u - «• ■■ ♦.

llavinE one or two interviews with parties operating small central stations on the cash basis, I am convinced that one of the tnSm rKyS t°ib00m that Particular branch of the business would be 0 make existing small stations thoroughly successful. For in¬ stance,^ Mr. Marshall, having charge and being the largest stoeb- ii m a small central station in Laconia, N. H. , has just left oiiice and in that interview he states that ho has unlimited ^'at f\S !,S SSlllne for <?4-50 P°r M anci that he could place ghts (at the present time he has but 300 inoperation) and what ho. H^l0 S?l:L fcl’-° entire Plant to this Company , for 25* of 1-at he paid foi it, and in addition to that will furnish all power we require, up to 130 h.P. , free of charge for three years. It is and fefrain from buyiflg this entire plant myself

and taking a man or ordinary intelligence, send him-on niter e and Luld Wlth 3 little Judseniont, at least 20*

could bo made on the investment. If tins is a -ample of what other

\Vestin0r°lltlal Stati°fs have t0 Put VTP with, I do not wonder that Westmgaous?, or anybody else, are closing orders by the wholesale.

1000 lights yet I10 offe






Amount ,

Installation sales,

41 plants, 515 Dynamo a* 10,484 lamps, Renewal Sales,

Fixture , Sale s,

Total all Dep ar tment s ,

$66,813.44, 35,460.25, 14.072.49, $116,346. 18,




_ 2,931.48.


R u n n i

Expenses ,

Office salaries, §

Rent ft Jfousa Expense,

Stationary ft Printing,

Inspection ft Estimates,


A. H. Reoce,

Repair Shop,

Fixture Department,

Interest, account,

Travelling agents, not including salaries, Insurance,

1,525. 33

233.43, 558. 65 481. 11 198.08 378.88, 292. 94

229.44, 276. 92,



$4,251. 36.

Total collections month, 62,907.97,

Bills Payable issued month, 44,746.68, Amounts deducted from vouchers 71/2# as per agreement & credited to Profit ft Loss A/C,

Edison Lanp Co., $29(3.42

Edison Machine Works, 730.85,

Bergmann ft Co. , 906. 53. $ 1,933.80

PI -



49.Dey Street,


New York,...,

. .188

Wo 1 1 i. ccmsp o ? -VPou . : . Nov 31st, . '/$£ . 7

My Dear Edison:-

Since my meeting with you, and the other members of The United Company, on Friday last;I have given my whole thought to your proposition, and liberal as it is:as relates to compensation and control of the business, and much as I would like to associate myself with you personally, by becoming the head of so important a branch of one of your enterprises, I, find that my other business re¬ lations, my home life, and the duty I owe to my children, precludes the possibility of my accepting it.

I could write a long communication, multiplying my'^reasons for declining, but you know as well as I do, that werej i to under¬ take it, I should sacrifice every other interest for success, and this under the circumstances I can not do.

I appreciate the tender of the position to me, more than'‘l can express, and the fact of having been the first and unanimous choice of T^e United Company, is a compliment.;,, £. s'hW'l/rfot soon forget it, as it demonstrates that my past efforts in pioneering, were not wholly unappreciated, I beg however to, say, that if at any \ time occasion should require any special work) such as preventing _a competitor from, closing a contract for a plant in some-desirable terri tory, y6t>~ ard; .a^li!i>erwfe4S-?sg-,M- on and j I promise to give , <

,you my best efforts, either with.o^ without compensation; at


To Tlios A, Edison, Ksq.

discretion. An as a further evidence that I. still retain my old time enthusiasm and convictions of the superiority of the Bdison Systems of. Electric Lighting, I will promise to sell not less than three Central Stations on your cash basis, before the first day of January next. Again thanking you, and through you, the other mem¬ bers of The United Company for the compliment you have paid me,

I remain

(/.*. .SW), fjoc Ye. /f.


The enclosed letter was dictated on Monday last before I sent the telegram to you of that datejbut after further considera¬ tion of the subject I have concluded to not take Bold of the mat-


ter at this time.


! !#

The Edison United ^Manufacturing Cdm'pany,

' 65 Fifth Avenue,

r*. New York, . 4>-y _

p£s<_ &y£

trfCZZ, HAsysr^j ?hr ’'/l^^-tr^u^ X(y

^ ^ ^UajSCXj y /4^_ cS^Ltf

FfyLnr-t^ XJJ \yh° b^y?l^c£ &Lts-<Lt

_Jj^rC. ytsV-VL-o ~j-o—0-^t^a^. ^

y^Vt- fifaxXc-*>Lt^s/-i' &5u£tS-iJi^j f /*si~ ^£c_

j$fr /^-6 £^4- Zt<-^'<-s£t-^v-<-. /l/ J" /i/i v " . **«■*

rjr *'< ' •'-<- (-^fcrC-^^c-^c^-c. Lxr~i^ \^i^<xCC<-^ /xx-tt^<f r^A_<__7

I fH+XiL*. "hf X d,

: %ffe (7?L ' -

. j kSt'Cv S^oU^Frvx. -A. /IX^ /i

' I > 1'Ur'f' sk (h^a^U,

; t^jj ■" xlt~cx^^C^ (r^ ^^cl (F^ryi^b^ 1

! | y'/U^VhUt^ r V^ fl’rt'UlAX. T^T C^C. £\C- SjryT^isy-tsutX^

<4 , A— ?> ybk^o4- /{yfcc. ^-t, dusix+c^£L<f t

$1 yift &LxCb Q'l^v F £X_ e^fr^-i^j *j

£°f'IC . /?>-7-/2-0l

The Edison United Manufacturing Company,

65 Fifth Avenue,

The I'ollov/inp is an extract from the minutes of a th.o Executive Committee, hold November fefth at this of-

The Edison United Manufacturing Company,

65 Fifth Avenue,

. pec -.-mber 21, 188 7 , |.

Leonard & Izard' i A. H. Keece's tei

State of Maine, Paine & Francis

Here is a list of the salaries and expenses in con¬ nection with our travelling agents: --

territory, one agent, salary, $2500.

expenses, 1500.

ritory, one agent, salary, 1200.

, _ expenses, about, 1200.

w. S. I’egcr s territory, travelling agent, salary, 1000.

Hughes & Browning's territory, W. A. Giles, salary, ' 93G.

n expenses, 1200.

" Oeo. H.Moseman, salary, 936.

expenses, 1200.

H. Cothron, salary, 936.

expenses, 1200.

I e>pect to secure the services of Mr. Slattery,

which will increase the expenditures- about. .'$4000. Making a total of, $17808.

In regard to the 7 1/2* will say that this was originally intended to make good loses but subsequently the matter was talked over and changed, and it is to be used on account of payments on cap ita 1 stock. At the last meeting of the Executive Committee it vas definitely settled sonthat the 7 1/2* is practically eliminated and cannot be considered as additional profits in connection with the business.

Mr. Johnson has forwarded me your remarks in connection with the transformer on arc light circuits. What do you think of the idea of making a drive for that kind of business, that is, adver¬ tising it in the technical papers?

The amount this Coup any nets from the plant sold by Mr. Mose- man, the agent that succeeded in closing a contract after being in our employ three days, is $150. Of course that would pay his salary and expenses for one month.

Truly yours,

1887. Electric Light - Edison Wiring Company (D-87-39)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the formation and operations of the Edison Wiring Co. This company served as the contractor for the installation of Edison electric light systems. Among the documents are proposals for wiring work at Edison’s West Orange laboratoiy and at Henry B. Auchincloss’ house in Llewellyn Park.

All the documents have been filmed.

4k <?Ly—d



"~ ^ £yyyys d^d d ^yy^yy ^

<^^yyzyy ^


y&y> die <5o.**-* __ <*^<, .

, T



J^d—r <*—-r c^r^--^.

/^ycyy ^-r ^ ^


pUmara n.da

j vp- l^-3=|

Edison wiring co„

So Fifth Avenue,

Mr. 0. A. Tate,

40 Wall St.., City. Dear Sir: -


The writer has been informed of your verbafc agreement with Mr. Bergmann re¬ garding the subscription to a certain nuniber of shares of the capital stook of this Co,, but in-as-much as Mr. Bergmann had forgotten the number that you were to take, I have been unable to notify you of the amount due on your assessments. Kindly advile me at your convenience whether it is five or ten shares, and I will then immediately mail you bill of assessments now due, and hold your stock ready for delivery pendititf the receipt of your check.

Very t|:uly yours.

? U) Cti / fr f 7- f t - 05


Mr. A. 0. Tata,

; 40 - 42 Wall St.., City.

; Dear Sir: -

Acknowledging the receipt of your esteemed favor of the 4th. inst.., I beg to state that my letter of Oct. 29th. was in accordance with the request of Mr. Bergmann, who, I am quite sure misunderstood the matter :of your subscribing to the stock of this Company.

Regretting that you should have been troubled with a request of this nature, without in the least meriting it, I am

Very truly etc.,




^ ""

jpLectric m

n b'-Trafi i-rxn-crrsi-n p'O au^nlwORK GUARANTEED.

12 EAST 17TI-I StR-EElijift

OPE ICE 65 Fifth Ave.NEW Y O R K, _ _.jN.o.v.emher..:.25,. _

Dictated. *

Mr. Chas. Batchelor.,

Orange, New Jersey.

Dear Sir: -

Enclosed. herein, we beg. to hand you .proposal and duplicate for wiring the Edison Laboratory located at Orange, N.J. You will notice that with the .exception, of a few flexible pendants, we have included no fixtures. This.was done simply .because we were unaware of what you required. .If you desire us to furnish the.f ixtures, kindly send us memoranda. of the.klnd or class you desire and only too glad to send you suppllmentary proposal. Awaiting .your, advice, ..we beg to :be Very truly yours,


^ —f (SfrfZLjLt







|3 1 light outlets

3 lights.


Edison wiring CO., 05 Fifth Avenue,



■^ICL4. ($Cotc/uj£


—18 8“}

. 2^) J%c&4l-)uC'

&7~lsO #-£*. 07sCst^

(2^c^Zo^4T £2c<y £X


?o zZZZt)





^ . .*'7


sCC/X^ '

(O't^eJt^ i'/Zc

Jk*a*Lu f* **«***'«*

/ a ''&^nMcU JUj Lta/- ic^c—

A^W ,■_

_ J fyf*X- d-&1l-o£~




65 Fifth Ave. ,

tle.w York, December 27th. , 1887.

Auohincloss, Esq.,

Orangs, fe j.

Dear Sir:-

Being im possible to arrive at a stated .figure /or doing j ;! th3 wor'« required at,. war premises, located as' above, we hereby propose and agree to wjJw^sioh changes ait yo>v my direct on the fol-,

:: l o, wing terms: ^ i

Material supplied at market prises, plus cost of handling. ; Labor at $4> P®r daSi °ar .fare to and from Ne.u York for I

each man employed per day, in. addition, j

This proposal contemplates, the placing imposition o/ switches, and plugs and to make connection with tubes, and the testing1 out ,of entire building. Where tests are imperfect the wiring will i be. put in proper condition for carrying the current, but where test- ; ing shows that circuits are Ur working condition, ttfey will.. be left | as found. This proposal however, do ei: not contemplate this Companys I assuming any responsibil ity /or the work placed in position by j

original contract and not altered in accordance with the Edison stand¬ ards.

111’., . Respectfully submitted, :


[Signed.] Frank M Kitohell

Seo-y. |


Gentlemen: -

l . I .hereby accept. -your proposition ais stated in !

lithe above, and will pay .your bill when done.

|| Hespeot/ully ..yours,

j; [Signed.] Henry Bb Auohincloss.

Bated 31 Deer. 1887.

1887. Electric Light - Foreign - General (D-87-41)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the establishment of electric lighting systems in foreign countries. Included is correspondence regarding the lamp manufacturing concern in Berlin, Germany operated by Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft.

All the documents have been filmed.

/'/^ir,(St«-jXf /T^sS'Z^T’ ^ J'^-^—eS

£—^ ?_ ^^--<^--^<x-^sr of- ^ ^

C^Jzl* J Vu-okj -

U Ai ^Ci^r^y . '<y^/'6-^tT'^t^-J ^-C^t-i <1/ -

UYLs/u> 6 fc't-i- ^/V

d-lC^C^ty /'^ «, ^ /&zX

tSi/-'Ct^fo /f^td. J,{/’< (n^i-i c^cri^L-j &->^^ oj£ccc^ <c,

^t/4, (//2-^^^ y^v

(_ y^7-t_«-T_^ 4i^_ y^C £*^' t/^£r

fs^-^yt~^\^jLsLS^isX S’ - ' XG^-r^7 X |

^ /'Ll Jyp^y^Xyfrk^C-.^y^

LTL 'UL. k'ly 40-l*y%X tyt^f-^- ^~~ ^ y-lj, ^ ^Gy4y^

', (f»V/ (/-'ll OTl'tyt ££.£,&<' s ZJrAr-

C^isvJt ^ ^*-y ,/...

Cl^irnst- l 'e-t^rji^ c-c^ ^J^X-

aXJjL X- /^^—w j

■^-r^y V I

h^u a yc^fd- ^

jCr-»CL, a *y/ru^ /A~k :

4 & U**< <n'M 4

T~- 4?

%$ 'J^y _ _ _ ^ _ .

<*' ^ 4 j/' dtd/Adz^

■rtp) 4” 44 4 y~tu^

4V4 ^CcJLet, <T^6 . ^ 44

Z3 ^ ^-d" t^rrtdr- // /$o 4L, 4%^

4 tTfa-d; £<- s^JL^xms A rr^

Z^-* 2S-i^—^2— ^/ /^Aa^-d~- dr dcLy/tCt AA

<4^/ ^ Z^7 dZp-a-*-/' riAe^^s-t-^d ry/~2^d

C-'jA/^'t-Zb^ /£t-~s^~ c/£ ’- A^ 'd~ /r^^c&^d'&'Ad

lx> i^i ^-~ CTlG~G-dl/ (zy^^^T-t^dt 4

Jt~-dc^t-y----<-<y /i.^tr~i_ £ c*3t±=^6 A S


(4 ifc A. /t-yydd' A^f~- f^~

b -/btx^J~' ^ ' ]f£<Ai«-~*-~z~~ddy _ tG-*-r-d~ - -cn^dt d^dr

. ^ ' hdSU} 'jf Ac<GLe^Gy>, -nc^i^ ' - (&dL*

^ ^ Y" '

4 4 j£A?




Mo. of Lights. Yearly Rental*

Governors Residence 100 <&£ 800

Colonial Hospital 60 District Hospital 30 Police Hospital 10 Jail I -30 Princess Building SO Police Barracks 30 English Cathedral SO Rom* Cath* Cathedral 30 All Saints* Church 30 Gov’t. Printing Office* 30












Public Buildings as per Schedule 480

300 1st rated Houses at 12 lights each 3.6O6

■sf 4,020

Maximum in use at one time 2-3 of total installed, say 2,700 lamps of 12 candle power*

2,700 in use for 3 hrs* nightly - 8,100

875 in use for 2 hrs.nightly - 1.350


9,450 ni$itly lamp hrs.X 365 -annual output of OUTSIDE LIGHTS

500 Street Lamps in use 10 hrs. nightly for 26 nights per month equal an annual output of

Total annual output of say 5,000,000 L HrsU


1.560.000 L Hrs 5,009,250



Private houses only 3,600 at a maximum of 2-3 in use equals 2,400 lamps.

2,400 in use for 3 hrs. nightly - 7,200

600 in use for 2 hrs nightly 1T200

8,400 nightly L Iirs*

or an annual output for privaterhouses only of 3,066,000 lsnp hours* As the lamps are of twelve candle power this output equals 18*396 "Thousands" of Electricity, a "Thousand" feeing equal to the amount of light obtained from 1,000 cubic feet of gas or there¬ abouts*


Inside Lights 3,440,000 lamps hrs at 40 Watts -16. .Jj H*P*Hours.

Outside Lights 1,360,000 " " at 70 " 145.600 H*P*Hours.


Add loss by Transformers 5# 16.453


Add loss in Cables 10# 34.541


Add loss in Dynamos 20# 76.014

Total Annual Energy 456,084

To maintain this amount of Energy if the consumption of coal be taken at 3 lbs* per horse power hour, 520 tons